Want to join our team? My company is looking for another elixir engineer. (But not only elixir). Have a look: https://poly.work/opportunities/bjoks0CU #exlixir #hiring #remote #getinspired
Updated the #golang SDK for #appwrite: https://github.com/appwrite/sdk-generator/pull/353
Writing about Hardware HSMs and how to use them within a HTTPS Forward Proxy (german) 2. https://www.innoq.com/de/blog/ganz-sichere-verbindungen-1/ 4. https://www.innoq.com/de/blog/ganz-sichere-ver...
Writing about the Nebula VPN (german) https://www.innoq.com/de/blog/nebula-vpn/
Writing about Go and Javascript https://www.innoq.com/de/blog/go-plugins-with-javascript/
Writing about Go and SQLite (german) https://www.innoq.com/de/blog/sqlite-and-go/
Starting the meta-view.de project. Learned a lot about Go/JS bindings. Also learned about different cloud data formats.
Did Setup https://git-lab.de as my personal #gitlab instance. Open for other private and public projects as well.
Did create some Munin plugins and wrote about it: https://www.philipp.haussleiter.de/2014/06/writing-your-own-munin-plugins-pt1-overview/ https://www.philipp.haussleiter.de/2014/06/writing-your-own...
Did participate to fjordchain.camp 2019 https://fjordchain.camp
Became maintainer of the https://tabler.io webjar. https://github.com/tabler/tabler-webjar
Did started the project that became https://consolving.de later on. Still fun :-)
Did solve a disk failure and wrote about it. "Disk failure and suprises" https://www.philipp.haussleiter.de/2016/02/by-htm/
Did talk about "Software Dependency Analysis with Neo4j" at GraphConnect Europe 2015 (english) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpmWgCOP4kQ
Did talk about "Web Anwendungen in Go" at the Go Usergroup Rhine-Ruhr (german) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VcnOXHhhGY
Did a talk about Desktop Applications in Go at INNOQ Technology Lunch (german) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlgHxZNSKsg
Started working at https://innoq.com
Did migrate my personal Mails to a https://mailcow.email setup on #hetzner #cloud
Did a talk about Holo, Holochain and the holo.host at a company event.
Did a talk about flynn.io at a company event.
Making connected-streams public https://inspired.consulting/story/connected-streams-video-streaming-as-a-service